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I love creating characters and role playing! Feel free to drop a line or leave me a link to a group! I love making new friends, I just happen to be a little shy and awkward! > w < But please, feel free to look around and thanks for droppin' by! <3
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8 OC Facts: Emmeryn

Wed May 24, 2017, 4:47 PM
For the group :iconindieville:
A while back I was tagged by Anazen and SnowfallQueen so I'm finally getting that done! I can't really make art at the moment but I can still write! Again, excuse my lack of activity; my living situation isn't particularly ideal just yet.
Post these rules.
Post 8 facts about your character.
Tag 8 other characters.
Post their names along with their creators' avatars.
Tag-backs are fine

Indieville App: Emmeryn Grove by DemonGirlLovely

1. So we all know that Emmeryn has this enchanted guitar. Well, it'd be more fair to say it was cursed. The reason being is that, while it is really cool that is unbreakable so long as Emmeryn's values remain intact, if her guitar does break... then it'll cost Emmeryn her heart and soul. The witch who had given Em the guitar tricked her into accepting these terms by convincing her it'll help her finally leave the gang she was in. The witch is very shady... might even be a demon herself. So basically, as long as Emmeryn doesn't lie and hurt others etc., and as long the guitar doesn't break, then it's chill.

2. The guitar did provide Emmeryn the magical push she needed to leave the cartel/gang her ex-boyfriend was running. However, if you ask Emmeryn about some of her experiences with said gang, her mind will come up blank. The truth is that Emmeryn's ex-boyfriend was seriously a bad dude and was using Em for her shifting abilities and when it came time for her to leave him and the gang, he let her go but not without erasing a good chunk of her memories first. "Just the bad stuff," he'd say. So Emmeryn has a lot of blanks in her memory from those two years, but it's probably better that way. She really thinks she didn't do anything necessarily bad.

3. This leads up to the third fact- while Emmeryn was in this gang, she was placed under a spell that made her complacent, indifferent, and easier to boss around. She followed commands without question and ended up doing things she normally wouldn't. So erasing some of Emmeryn's memories might have been doing her some kind of favor. Emmeryn was able to break the spell thanks to the witch's guitar, but then didn't realize she was just walking into more trouble due to that stupid instrument.

4. Emmeryn got the slit in her ear from being in a fight with a rival gang member. She had an earring ripped out and it sucked. She cannot remember what exactly they were fighting over though.

5. The girl loves antiques and old things in general. She likes old timey fashion and music, and old bottles and run down buildings. Old cameras, goggles, weird buttons, she's into it!

6. Emmeryn is quite the little photographer! She loves taking pictures of the scenery, her friends, and of whatever catches her fancy. She'll print them out and pin them all over her wall. It makes her happy. If she takes a picture of her and a friend, then that's something particularly special.

7. Emmeryn and her mother had some issues in the past, resulting in the two no longer speaking. However, after leaving the gang, Emmeryn tried to reach out to her mother in an attempt to fix things. The thing was... her phone number was no longer in service and their old home was empty. The landlord had told Emmeryn that her mother simply picked up and left one day; one of those 'off-grid' type things. It was frustrating and left Em seriously confused. Also holidays really suck for her now. She's always really bummed around Mother's day, Thanksgiving, Christmas... I mean, you get it.

8. After being lied to/ used by her ex, getting tricked by a demonic witch, her mom disappearing... Emmeryn can be a little anxious towards other people. Don't get her wrong, she loves making friends and making people smile, but she is very careful with who she trusts and who she places her affections in. It's a big deal to let someone in and actually let them know her. Lowkey, she just wants someone to give her a hug and stroke her hair as she lets out a good cry. I mean, seriously, the girl needs it.

So there you have it! It's a little heavier than I originally intended but I feel like it was necessary! There's a lot more going on with Emmeryn than she lets on!
Also, I don't want to tag anyone because I am shy q v q
Hope you enjoyed this!


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